Major Bible Themes

Major Bible Themes Men’s Bible Study explores the Bible doctrines that form the foundation of our faith and Biblical Truth. Each week the class is guided by the text and the study leader, Phil Bruce. Major Bible Themes include the Holy Spirit, Church government, the rapture, free will, eternal security, and many others. One of the text’s 52 chapters will be studied and discussed each Tuesday evening.

The text is the classic Major Bible Themes written by Lewis Sperry Chafer and John Walvoord. At a time of skepticism and ignorance of the Holy Scriptures, this text presents biblical truths and teachings that Christians have long cherished. Whether your purpose is to explore Bible doctrines as a new Christian, erase confusion from conflicting views in the contemporary church, or establish a more substantial basis for witnessing your beliefs, Major Bible Themes provides a firm foundation for study and reference.

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